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Mad about Mushrooms

I have just finished work on my new lab and will have more stock available over the next few months. Pricing will be better and so will the variety. This will give people on lower incomes a chance to get started.

I have had a number of serious health issues over the last couple of years that I am only now beginning to recover from. I am still not 100% and need to make sure I am fully recovered before I get back into business properly. So at the moment I am concentrating mainly on my exotic seeds.

I am now completely devoted to mushrooms and rare mainly edible and medicinal seeds, this is now my only job. As a result I can now give realistic prices to all of my customers. I have enlarged my lab and storage areas for mushrooms and I only import seed in bulk to give my customers the best prices on the highest quality seed that I can find. More production area means I can produce more high quality mushroom spawn at much better pricing. Shortly I will also have liquid nitrogen storage available to store cultures indefinately. 

I am on a mission to increase the species of mushrooms in NZ for food forest and commercial uses, from species that make bio-fuel to insecticides. I can only do this with your support. All the species I have and will be importing have both MAF and EPA approval, some of the insect killing and biofuel making fungi will need to go through other approvals as well. I have over 10 new species planned for next year and more if finances allow. Help yourself and the planet, lets change the way we see and use fungi.



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