Common Fig (Ficus carica) X 100

Common Fig (Ficus carica) X 100
Ficus Carica is also called Ficus Caprificus or common fig and belongs to the Moraceae - Mulberry Family. The Common Fig is native to the eastern Mediterranean and western Asia region where it grows wild and has been in cultivation for centuries. The cultivated Fig forms a shrub or low-spreading tree. The fig is a picturesque tropical looking tree or shrub with a dramatic spreading habit. The breadth is often wider than the height of 15 to 30 ft (4.6-9 m) with equal spread. This deciduous, low-branching tree is usually single trunked, with pale, silvery gray smooth bark. In colder regions, figs are grown as bushes with multiple stems and branches close to the ground that are laid down and buried before winter.

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