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Mad about Mushrooms

I will be broadening my information and inspirational idea's to include other products not just mushrooms so check back in the coming months to see what I have added to my range.

I teach people to grow mushrooms but teach you how to do it on a budget. If I used totally organic products it would drive my prices out of reach for people on lower incomes. There are plenty of people using organic practices you can purchase from if you feel the need to go that way, all just as or more experienced than myself. I encourage you to learn some simple techniques so you can get by with what you have available locally. Look at the links at the bottom of this page for cheap supplies. I have stock of smaller amounts available if you don't want larger quantities laying around.

I am on a mission to increase the species of mushrooms in NZ for food forest and commercial uses, from species that make bio-fuel to insecticides. I can only do this with your support. All the species I have and will be importing have both MAF and EPA approval, some of the insect killing and biofuel making fungi will need to go through other approvals as well. I have over 10 new species planned for this year and more if finances allow. Help yourself and the planet, lets change the way we see and use fungi.