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If you’re interested in growing mushrooms you have come to the right place. The Fun Gi can help you get started with mushroom spawn and products for growing mushrooms. We are here to offer as much assistance as possible to help you succeed in your venture. We have dedicated our company to people wanting to grow Sustainable quantities of mushrooms for home, small and large businesses and organizations, Food Forest for fun, profit and sustainability, we have advice and idea’s for almost every situation. 

If you are new to growing mushrooms start simple with our Shiitake and Oyster Dowels for logs. We have advice on our website and you are more than welcome to flick me an email or ring me. We have many Species available. Talk to us to see what else we can get into the country for you.

We are a new company. 

I am on a mission to increase the species of mushrooms in NZ for food forest and commercial uses, from species that make bio-fuel to insecticides. I can only do this with your support. I work a full time job that I also enjoy so every bit of money I get from my business goes to researching and importing new species. All the species I have and will be importing have both MAF and EPA approval, some of the insect killing and biofuel making fungi will need to go through other approvals as well. I have over 10 new species planned for next year and more if finances allow. Help yourself and the planet, lets change the way we see and use fungi.

  • Custom quotes
    Please contact us if you are looking for large quantities of any of our products so we can give you the best price and advice.
  • John Fairweather Specialty Timber Solutions
    Cheap and Affordable hardwood saw dust and wood chips for making your own artificial logs. John sells both small and large quantities for businesses or hobbyists. Click on saw dust.
  • Buy Bitcoins with your credit card
    Crypto Currencies are fast becoming a reliable fast way of buying goods and services. I offer a 10% discount on paying with Bitcoin with an invoice I can also accept Etherium, Zcash, Litecoin or Dash. Please contact us for information. You can buy bitcoins from Coinmama and then buy another crypto currency of your choice. Registration is a bit of a hassle but once your done the world is your oyster.

New Zealand Opportunities

Mushrooms are growing in popularity. The world mushroom market is expected to grow by 9.5% by 2019. NZ is in a unique position in the southern hemisphere to be able to supply many fresh gourmet mushroom species for out of season markets in the northern hemisphere.

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