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I decided to start importing seeds that are considered rare in NZ. I have a horticultural and zoology background and thought seeds would go well along side my mushroom spawn. The seeds are the cheapest I can make them with most packets containing many seeds, I have already paid all MAF inspection fees, fumigation and GST so you have no hastles at the border and importantly the seed is actually in NZ and ready for delivery. Due to seed damage in the past I only use courier. Great for growing Christmas and birthday presents for friends and family with a unique twist.

If your looking for commercial quantities send me an email for a quote, because there is less time involved with bulk amounts I can make the prices much better for you. With bulk amounts time of deliveries can vary between 1-3 weeks depending on suppliers.

If you have ideas of what seed you would like to see in NZ send me an email and I will check to see if they can be imported, I would especially like to hear from the ethnic comunity.

Inoculation instructions for wood dowels

Enoki do best in a cooler climate. The substrate needs to be kept warmer between 16 and 20 degrees during colonisation and then dropped to 0-8 degrees for fruiting. You can use straw or sawdust mixed with wheat bran and coffee grounds, check out the resources section on my website. The simplest containers to hold the substrate are old 2 liter drink bottles with the tops cut off. You can use either the Rye Grain or Liquid culture. The liquid culture is better suited to the BRF(Brown Rice Flour) Cakes. Grain will colonise the straw and saw dust substrates faster.

Enoki will also grow on hard wood logs in much the same way as Shiitake. They will also grow on Douglas Fir. Use the dowels in the same fasion as for Shiitake.

Enoki are enjoyed dry or fresh as a snack food item.

All prepared products leave my facility having been sterilised to 15 PSI for at least 1 full hour killing all pathogens, liquid or substrate. The only thing living in my cultures will be the mushroom mycelium.

If you wish to grow on Sawdust for either business or pleasure contact John at John Fairweather Specialty timber supplies.

I may run out of grain spawn occasionally until I can get an idea of how much I need to produce. 

If you wish to pay with Bicoin simply choose pay with bitpay when completing your order. If you wish to pay with another crypto currency let me know. 

  • Enoki spawn 750ml aproximately 500ml
    Used to start grain to grain transfers to expand your collection. Can also be used outright to inoculate up to 4 litres of sawdust or straw.
    NZ$ 8.00
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