NZ Native Shiitake photo coming soon

If you wish to pay with cryptocurrency send me an email. I can take most crypto's, even the less well known.

I decided to start importing seeds that are considered rare in NZ. I have a horticultural and zoology background and thought seeds would go well along side my mushroom spawn. The seeds are the cheapest I can make them with most packets containing many seeds, I have already paid all MAF inspection fees, fumigation and GST so you have no hastles at the border and importantly the seed is actually in NZ and ready for delivery. Due to seed damage in the past I only use courier. Great for growing Christmas and birthday presents for friends and family with a unique twist.

If your looking for commercial quantities send me an email for a quote, because there is less time involved with bulk amounts I can make the prices much better for you. With bulk amounts time of deliveries can vary between 1-3 weeks depending on suppliers.

If you have ideas of what seed you would like to see in NZ send me an email and I will check to see if they can be imported, I would especially like to hear from the ethnic comunity.

Inoculation instructions for wood dowels

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