Shitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms

Growing Shiitake on your own hardwood logs

 Shiitake can be grown on many hardwood logs. Oak is the tree Shiitake's traditionally grown on. Willow and Poplar are probably the 2 most commonly used in NZ and are relatively common here. They will grow well on Cherry,Apple,Oak,Maple,Birch. Angiosperms or trees that have flowers are hardwoods and many of them are ideal for Shiitake production. Many NZ native hardwoods like Tawa can also be used. Gum is a very good candidate for Shiitake cultivation and very common.

Growing Shiitake on saw dust and wood chip, Coffee Grounds and Straw.

You can make you own artificial logs using these substrates. Production will be faster but substrate bags need a little more attention.

Using the cold Sterilization method you don't need expensive pressure cookers or steam/high heat to Pasteurise your substrate bags before inoculation.