Fancy Guppies

Disclaimer: Do not order fish outside NZ. It is illegal to import fish from other countries unless they go through a NZ certified quarantine facility.

I decided to start this topic because even though the quality of guppies has become much better over the last few years not many people are taking up the challenge to create their own fancy strains. On this page I will briefly describe possible ways of going about this challenging and rewarding venture.

90% of guppy strain breeding is patience and observation. If you are one of these people who are indecisive and chop and change your ideas frequently this hobby probably isn’t for you.

Take a look at Stephen Kwartler's fishroom so you can see what is possible if your diligent and patient. Also learn the basic's of line breeding and care on his website

We will start with selection of guppy breeders first and we will also discus different ways of going about line breeding.

I visit petshops here in Wellington often. If you would like me to keep an eye out for potential guppies for a new strain let me know and I will keep an eye out for you, perhaps send me a picture of a strain you would like to create. Starting with the right fish can make all the difference.

My advice with a novice is to start with a basic body plan. Red, blue and snakeskin are the easiest. True red and blues can be used together and is easy enough to separate the colours later while providing you with an outcrossing line for later for both new strains, while snakeskin guppies seem to be very resistant to disease and cope with in-breeding better than other strains.


You will need a minimum of 4 tanks for each strain you are working on, they don't need to be overly large as your only saving the best fish for breeding and your adult tanks will only house 5-6 females and 1-2 males, 10-15 litres should be more than enough. You need to get as much inbreeding going on as possible, that means father to daughter, mother to son and brother to sister. When using the father to daughter strategy you will want a smaller tank for males with larger tails, the older males with larger tails have a much harder job impregnating the much younger, faster females.